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How a New Front Door Can Add Value to Your Home

First impressions count. And a new front door can be a big contributor to what message you’re giving to visitors – not to mention that it also adds value to your home. 

In this article, we’ll explore exactly how a fresh front door can benefit your property. You might be surprised to learn that there is more to front doors than meets the eye! 

Five ways a new front door adds value to your home

From boosting kerb appeal to increasing resale potential, there are a few reasons why a new front door can become a real asset to your home. 

  • Resale value: Renovations and refreshes are known to boost the selling price and resale value of a home. Several surveys have suggested that a high-quality front door that amplifies its aesthetics can add up to several thousand pounds to the resale price.
  • Security: Depending on the materials, quality and locking mechanisms chosen, a front door is a surefire way to increase security. If your old door is looking a little tired or worn, this can be attractive to thieves who could take advantage. A new front door that is expertly installed for maximum effectiveness will not only make it more difficult to break in, but will also give the appearance of a more secure home, acting as a deterrent. We also partner with Yale here at First Windows, to provide you the most secure locks and 3* high-security Euro Cylinders.
  • Aesthetics: Kerb appeal is really important for boosting your asking price and creating a stellar first impression. Your home has to look like a place that a person wants to own and live in, and a front door is the initial impression that anyone gets from your home, so updating is the best step to refining your home’s exterior. If you opt for a company known for its wide selection of door colours, styles and materials, it’s easy to enhance and complement your home by choosing a tailored product.  
  • Energy efficiency: Like our windows, doors can also impact the energy efficiency of our home. Gaps and subsequent draughts, along with inadequate materials, can all result in heat loss through the door. Explore options with us at First Windows, your expert local door provider, on which materials and styles are better for increasing energy efficiency. 
  • Longevity: It goes without saying that a brand new and high-quality front door that is installed to industry standards will reward you with extended longevity, especially when compared to an outdated door that’s already seen many years of service. Like any update that increases the lifespan and quality of your home, it will add value to a property, leaving your buyers one less update to make. 

Want a new front door but unsure where to start? Get in touch with an experienced door and window expert, such as our team at First Windows, who can give you some friendly advice. We only supply quality uPVC, composite and aluminium doors to bring you all of the benefits listed above, so don’t compromise when it comes to the look and security of your home.

Searching for beautifully designed front doors in Croydon and beyond? Here at First Windows, we’re not only experts for windows; we also have a wide range of door colours, styles and materials to complement any property, so you can add kerb appeal and value to your home. Simply get in touch to discover more today. 

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