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What Makes uPVC Windows So Secure?

It stands to reason that your first thoughts when making any additions or alterations to your property are about security. We all want to protect our loved ones and our possessions from criminals and opportunistic thieves, so the security of your windows is high on the list of priorities.

These days, more and more people are upgrading to uPVC windows because they’re reliably known for being secure. This is a good fact to know, but it’s even better if you understand what makes uPVC window security work. 

This month at First Windows, we’re going to take a deeper look at the uPVC window locks and all the other features that make them the safest windows to have for your home.

Handles with key locks

By applying high-quality locks to windows, as opposed to the traditional latches or catches, you vastly improve the security of them. Requiring a key as standard, they are better placed to defend against intruders trying to manipulate the window, but they also make your window secure against children who might be tempted to play with latches.

Multi-point locking

While there are some windows out there that may lock in one or two places, this is still something thieves can potentially work around or lever open. With a multi-point locking system in place on a uPVC window, you have a number of positions in which the window is locked.

These multiple contact points mean that your window is held firmly in place, preventing any leverage point from being created in the first place.

Hinge-side brackets

If your window also has hinge-side brackets, you know you’re getting the utmost protection. These brackets sit, as the name suggests, on the hinge side of the window, internally securing the outside of the window along that edge to prevent the entire thing from being moved. This makes it difficult for an intruder to gain any leverage along the hinge edge.

Friction hinges

These stainless steel hinges are often found at the bottom of the window, with layers that fold from pivot points. Not only does this offer more stability to the window when it’s open, with the steel fanning out, but they fold in to stack and prevent tampering when the window is closed, making it difficult for a thief to break the casement and use force on them.


Another addition to uPVC windows that helps to keep children safe is a restrictor. This limits how far you’re able to open a window, something that is also useful for slowing down any would-be thieves trying to force their way in through a window left partially open.

Internal beading

Where older uPVC windows were once beaded from the outside – meaning the glass was put in externally and thieves could later remove this – modern uPVC windows are beaded from the inside. That allows for easier installation and means the glass cannot be removed from the outside unless it is broken.


Hopefully, this helps to illustrate just how far the design of uPVC window security has come, with small considerations made to make you and your family feel at ease. With safe windows and a secure home, you can focus on relax whether you’re in or out. 

At First Windows, we supply a range of secure windows, including in uPVC units for standard casement, Rehau and sash windows. Wherever you’re based in Croydon and beyond, we have a professional team on hand to help find the most suitable and more secure windows for your home. Call today to arrange an appointment or visit our showroom in Croydon to see our uPVC designs up close.

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